Much different than just booking a private party. The big change comes in making this a CONCERT, not just a party. That means I’ll be playing my new original songs, not a bunch of classic covers, and the setup will place everyone directly in front of me to totally tune into the lyrics and music (following to be said with Southern drawl) the way the Good Lord intended. Much like seeing your favorite artist in a small theatre, just swapping the theatre for your living room, deck, common room, winery, etc.

I’ve never performed music where it has had more impact, attention, and acceptance than medium to small gatherings at someone’s home. Connections get made. Music gets EXPERIENCED, not merely heard.

AND - there's absolutely no cost to set one up, and no tickets to sell. How is this possible? Contact me to find out.

Call or e-mail today to discuss setting up a House Concert.


"Your house concert performance exceeded every expectation I had. Myself, as well as my friends, were so moved and impacted by your songs, stories, humor and heart. Thank you so much for sharing that with us and giving us a night we will never forget.."
Rick R., Wheaton, IL

"My wife and I have hired many bands to play in our home in the past, even national touring acts. We just LOVE music. But nothing has come close to experience we had with your house concert last night. From the very first song, we were completely lost in your songs, and couldn't believe over an hour had gone by so fast! And thanks for sticking around to play some more of our favorites afterwards!"
Mark L., Indianapolis, IN

"Thank you again for such an awesome night!! You are truly an amazingly talented musician. And you are even more hilarious in person. What a trip... We all had a blast & can't wait to do it again!"
Rachel M., Aurora, IL

"I can't describe what an incredible night that was. I have NEVER been so blown away by one artist's performance. Been listening to your CDs all afternoon, with a new appreciation for the stories behind these songs. I may be late to the party, but I am glad I got there!! There is nothing better than hearing new music that moves ya! Well done sir. Thanks for the most excellent tunes!"   
Bryan D., St. Louis, MO